Chef Nikki, a descendant of Belizean immigrants, grew up in a family where the spice of life was just as important as the spices in the food. A recent graduate of Los Angeles Trade Tech College with a Culinary AA  degree, and an AA in Restaurant Management, Nikki is the formally trained chef in the bunch, and as we like to call her "the General." If anything is needed, she is your girl. A master of preparation, and perfection, Nikki is the glue that holds it all together!



Pitmaster Portia is a former Women's basketball player at the University of Southern California, and in high school, the nationally ranked Narbonne Gauchos. She has always had a great love for food since an early age. Raised in a family of women, Portia grew up watching and learning traditional southern cooking from her Aunts, Mother, and Sisters in the kitchen. She developed this into her own style and created what she thinks is pretty delicious smoked meats. 



Our older sister, "Reshee" as we affectionately call her is a lover of savory foods and decadent sweets.  A wonderful home chef, she is the specialist who brings  She is the specialist who brings that tasty flavor and richness….


Chef Nikki (L)  and Pitmaster Portia (R)