Hey Friends! Trojan Grill is in the news! Check out this snippet from an article written about the #TrojanGrillBarbecue team at Huntington Beach’s 5th annual Ribs, Pigs and Watermelon 2016 Summer Festival and Pro Barbecue Competition: August 5-7, 2016 at Huntington State Beach. Hosted by the American Family Housing Foundation. 

Trojan Grill BBQ

“2 City Girls Smoking Good Ol’ Country Barbecue” That is their catch phrase. And these girls cook some mean BBQ. Trojan Grill BBQ is family owned and operated. They have the whole family working! Again that family theme runs strong with this community. Nikki is the Executive Chef and Portia is the Pit Master. Nikki and Portia had a passion for entertaining and cooking. In 2014, they decided to launch their own BBQ business. They compete in BBQ cook offs and are also available for catering and special events. Their products and level of service has put them on the culinary map. And with good reason, I only tried the brisket, Damn the bad luck, I should have saved more tickets! But the brisket was so delicious and flavorful. I tried it with their house BBQ sauce and the flavor combination was perfect. Another unique thing I noticed was most competitors give you slices of tri tip or brisket, but these ladies partially shredded the meat, giving it more surface area to increase flavor. Nice touch! The brisket had a nice smoky flavor in the beginning, but with the spices and the BBQ sauce the finish was awesome. Just like a full bodied wine. Pitmasters strive to achieve this balance of flavors. Too much smoke and the flavor balance is off, too much seasoning or a less than robust BBQ sauce will harm good brisket. They have mastered this product. I do want to give a shut out to Nick otherwise known as Faulty. I asked why do they call you Faulty, he said “I’m named Faulty because I’m everything but!” Faulty is a valuable part of the team. All of you continuing making low and slow good BBQ. I look forward to trying the rest of your BBQ products in the future! Follow them at www.trojangrillbarbecue.com

August 9, 2016
By: Michael Hepworth
Full Article: http://perfectmealtoday.com/?p=1237